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My Sweet November and getting Cross-Eyed at Sonya’s Garden

I was down to my last weekend in the Philippines before flying back to work for the next 4 weeks. Being on this set-up for quite some time now have made me realize the value of time especially how it drastically appreciates when its less and how it is neglected when there is plenty of it. This actually should not come as a surprise anymore because everything else behaves the same way like – Love, Happiness and Attention or something more earthly like Food and Money.

I can think of several movies whose plot revolves around people making the most of their limited time. Sweet November is one of those movies which although I only managed to watch in fragments conveyed enough emotion for me to keep it in my Unforgettable Movies List. I am surprised to find out that the lead actors in that movie were nominated for Worst Acting Roles in a 2001 awards. I thought the movie had decent acting job or maybe the plot itself was so emotionally alluring that I didn’t notice their acting.

So, for my last weekend for the month of May, me and my wife decided that we go on a somewhat mellow exploit as our “Sweet November”. Sonya’s Garden in Tagaytay was in our sights because of its accessibility and the curiosity it has spurred on us for quite some time already.

Unlike my wife, I’m not really being a big fan of raw vegetarian food in which Sonya’s Garden is known for but we were excited to spend nice quiet time and see what the Garden really is about.

On the way there, we encountered a heavy rain which reduced to a drizzle when we finally arrived. The cold climate of Tagaytay combined with the humidity of the drizzle made us feel like waking up in the wee hours of the morning but it was actually around past 3 in the afternoon already.

After finding a parking spot, we walked to the front desk of Sonya’s Garden anxious of the entrance fee that awaits us. To our surprise, one of the employees at the front told us that there was none. Fees are only charged to specific services so unless we’re content to just hang around the place then there is nothing to worry about.

The flowers of Sonya’s Garden were indeed impressive and the whole place was as peaceful as what we were led to imagine from advertisements and discussions by other visitors. The rain earlier proved to be an advantage as the overcast and slightly gloomy sky further added on to that “cozy-sleepy” atmosphere.

And like sprinkling salt and pepper to a dish, the drizzle was just enough to put an extra touch to the flower photos we were able to snap.

We had a great time taking photos of flowers that I almost got cross-eyed. Unlike landscape photos, taking flower photos present a unique challenge as you have to deal with close subjects which usually cannot be properly judged by the camera’s Auto-focus System thus, you have to rely on Manual Focus and spend longer time peering through the viewfinder.

Depth-of-field also plays a crucial role in flower photos so it is best to take photos of your subject at various aperture values and compare them later.

We spent around 3 hours at Sonya’s Garden before we decided to leave. Since we were craving for something deep-fried like KFC, we thought we’d give the veggie food a pass for now.

How to get to Sonya’s Garden – From South Superhighway exit Santa Rosa and turn right towards Tagaytay. Upon reaching main Aguinaldo highway, turn right toward Nasugbu, Batangas. Go past Tagaytay Rotonda and proceed for 10km. After Splendido Golf course and Sunrise Hill make a right turn on the Buck Estate. Drive for 2km and watch out for Sonya’s on the left side. Use the first gate and drive towards the end of the driveway and make a right towards parking lot.

Sonya’s Garden also provides Bed and Breakfast and a well frequented Spa. for those interested to take on the complete Sonya’s Garden experience.