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Hello World – This is It!!


I was still studying computer programming the first time I came across that rather stimulating phrase.  Back then my impression was that computer programmers were indeed the nerdy, aloof-type and I wasn’t surprised that all they could come up with for an introduction is a mere 2-worded phrase that sounded more like a cheap spinoff of the famous Japanese feline.  Little would I know that moving forward several years (ok, a few more several years) my golden time will come that I will suffer the same fate and croak up my own version of – Hello World.

People will be surprised to find out that Arianne is now blogging.  I recall when I was younger we used to have these formal theme writing routine in school.  Being the hyperactive child that I am, I never saw the relevance for it and sad to say I found it a pain. Getting my formal themes done was such an ordeal as I struggle to come up with ideas and there ever were… figure out how to make them cohesive. The whole routine was more of a forced exercise rather than the rewarding and enjoying experience. Nothing against it though as now I believe our teachers had the best intentions its just that in my case I wasn’t ready for it yet.

Who would have known that someday I will be scouring the internet searching how to make my own blog.  What happened? I ask myself now.  One important thing, I realized  is that our life experiences are more relevant for ourselves and in varying degrees to everybody else but no matter what, we have the strongest urge to share and keep. What makes it different now from before is that I find myself more focused and I have learned that experiences are best enjoyed by Appreciating. Unlike when I was younger, I was guilty of overlooking life because I was caught in the blurry of Wanting.

So what is this blog all about folks, this is about me and my wife as we go through experiencing life trying our best to relish their memories and share them.  We’ll talk about stuff we love to do and probably anything under the sun. What should make our page different is that everything here comes out from the heart without the unnecessary serving of glamour because we want you to see life that way we do.

And so the first page has been set and I now invite you to come and join us as we embark on this adventure called LIFE!